Wednesday 17 August 2016

Reuben Kaye stars in YouTube channel


How addicted to YouTube are you?
Do you use it for information, entertainment or to showcase your own creations?

Communication in our modern society has been transformed by the use of the internet. No longer do we need to rely on conventional media to cover news-worthy articles or interviews. Watching your favourite artist does not require a TV screen anymore. And you certainly do not need to win the X-factor programme to proudly stage your talent, whether you have some or not!

YouTube has been part of this new trend of communication since 2005, and has been growing at an astonishing rate, just like so many internet services.

YouTube and You

Have you taken advantage of YouTube?
Do you have your own channel?
How many videos have you uploaded already?

Do you use YouTube for tutorials on a multitude of subjects?
Do you use it at work for presentations?

However you invite this medium into your life, we tend to reach straight to YouTube when searching for information or to learn a new skill, to know about history, geography or watch our favourite programme or series.

The performing world has seen YouTube as one of the best platforms ever, to advertise talent, shows, inside stories and anything you are legally allowed to present to the whole world.

Today, I want to share with you the Burlesque Map London YouTube channel, and the magnificent Reuben Kaye who stars in our videos.

Advertising becomes somehow boring because we are continuously bombarded by businesses who want to sell something. As customers, we want to believe that we make up our own mind and are not influenced by these slogans, posters, promises of a better life or a quick get-rich scheme.

Sometimes, we simply want to be entertained...!

So, feel free to enjoy Burlesque Map London videos with the glittering and sumptuous talent of Reuben Kaye, international burlesque performer and compère...!

Leave your comments about your YouTube experiences, and about our striking host at Burlesque Map YouTube videos. Or visit www.burlesquemap.co.uk to leave your feedback.

May the show continue....

Eva Lamour 

Monday 20 June 2016

The BackCOUNTER Lounge with Ivy Paige and Dusty Limits - 11th June 2016

Right in the busyness and developing area of Vauxhall, the railway arches harbour eccentric, quirky and unique commerce. Hidden in one of those arches, lies a treasure. One of those places you find by chance, and you wish you had known about it before: The Back Counter Lounge.

Never judge a venue by its emplacement. Situated underneath Vauxhall train station, and opposite Vauxhall bus station, this hidden gem will surprise and impress you.

Home to a restaurant and a brasserie, the Counter Restaurant and the Back Counter Lounge stretch from one side of the arches to the other. Philip, the owner, likes to describe it as the longest restaurant in London.

Restaurant at one end (Counter Restaurant), and chic Parisian style bistro at the other, the Back Counter Lounge has recently added an asset to its scene: a monthly burlesque and cabaret show. This evening it was homage to Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday, celebrating it their own way, it was more a tribute to all 'Queens' of the world, but more precisely London. And royal presence, we definitely had.

London has an array of burlesque and cabaret artistes, the only capital city in the world to host such a variety of performers and events. But maybe the reason to be wary of fake glittery shows that sparkle more than impress.

The Back Counter Lounge, however, has done its homework and has launched with nothing less than top end quality, in the world of burlesque and cabaret. Hosting the show, are two of the most talented, witty, and daring performers on the scene: Miss Ivy Paige and Dusty Limits.

Two names that do not need introduction for the connoisseurs of this world.

Ivy Paige is an international performer, artiste, model, comedienne and one of the best voices in cabaret. Whether I have seen Miss Paige in the West End, acting, or in the most illustrious cabaret as a singer and burlesque performer, or showcasing her talent of comedienne as a host or compère, she always seems to feel at home anywhere, exhibiting and flaunting her talent…! And she has a lot to flaunt…!

Tonight she reminds me of a Jessica Rabbit femme fatale, with her magnificent long red hair, her corseted bodice giving her the perfect curves, and her air of nonchalance, and penetrating eyes that entrance and mesmerise you.

The supremacy of Miss Paige, however, is her all-powerful glorious voice. From sensual tone to full voice, she interprets songs with her unique style, leaving the whole room in awe of her bel canto.

One of her strengths is, no doubt, her brilliance at interacting with the audience. Men, you need to be scared, very scared, for Miss Paige can turn from strict headmistress to femme fatale before you even realise. She banters, plays with you, turns you into her slave, and quite honestly, you have no escape if she so chooses. But enjoy the attention, for you will revel in it.

And this evening she is accompanied by another legend of cabaret : Dusty Limits.

Three times London Cabaret Award winner for Best Host / Compère, Australian-born Dusty Limits, is one of the most acclaimed burlesque performers of the neo-cabaret scene.

International artiste, Dusty has performed in the four corners of the world. Possessing a remarkable portfolio of events and venues, he has been praised for his creativity, directing skills, and his remarkable powerful voice.

Tonight, at the Back Counter Lounge, he filled the room with a repertoire totally suited to this celebratory evening. He lent his powerful voice to a mixture of well known songs, as well as his own creations.

But Dusty is much more than his mighty vocal talent. He is a witty, hugely experienced compère, whose presence and persona make him also an artistic visual act. What makes a pro at hosting any event, amalgamating it with his brilliance as a performer? The ease with which he interacts with his audience, no matter what goes on! The tales of the unexpected only fortify his natural talent and flair. And tonight, not only Dusty didn't get phased by a diner who dramatically dropped his glass of wine on the floor, with a mighty noise creating a pool of red gold, but he managed to turn the whole incident into a sideshow. Simply Fantastic!

Is there something in Australian waters that breeds talent? Bring it on, that's all I say…!!

In the spirit of new beginnings, the Back Counter Club introduced new voices to this cabaret evening: the Vox Vixens. In their debut performance, this fabulous quartet enthralled the audience with their powerful voices. Singing 'Sweet dreams' with no background music or instruments, their act was a jaw dropping moment, leaving the diners in total awe of their singing talent. And I'm not simply talking  of their talent at interpreting songs, it is their creativity at making each number their own that will totally bewilder you. Any good voice could recreate a classic, but to reinvent it requires genius, and these girls ooze it by the gallon…!!

They have presence. They have power. They have charisma. This is a cabaret act with art…!

But this evening would not have been quite the same without the musical banter of Lord Hicks. His musical power lies more in his lyrics than his vocal tones. So, listen very carefully because this is an act not to miss.
A rather posh guy, and Oxford scholar, you will not be disappointed by his non-pompous musical talent. This royal-tea lover (or so I've heard) is not so much about RP but more about syntax. Indeed, his lyrics will bring colours to your ears, for if you are easily offended by rude words and sentences, better go find something else to do now.


Accompanied by his ukelele, Lord Hicks sends the audience into bouts of laughter with his innuendos and his parody of online dating. His tale of total frustration at not finding decent connections on social media has turned this modern age technology into a brilliant topic for this crude and yet polished oeuvre d'art.

Regular intervals throughout the evening extends the pleasure of this great entertainment. Rather than displaying the acts in a succession, the enjoyment is spread over three hours. A magnificent treat for those who love to prolong the joy.

I love that the performers are sitting nearby, approachable, sociable, creating a more intimate ambiance and a nicer touch to the whole event.

And if you are wondering about the cuisine, your palate will be as delighted as your other senses. The friendly and attentive team made the whole experience stress free, happy to help, ensuring that all was well throughout the whole evening.  

All in all a night of gratification all round. But what better than experience it first hand..! Take yourself along for the next event, you will be charmed by this high class hideaway.

Eva Lamour

All Photography by James Drury

Note: BackCOUNTER Lounge, Vauxhall Station, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1SR. To make reservation, please phone +44 20 3693 9600
Nearest tube: Vauxhall.

More information on Burlesque Map London at www.burlesquemap.co.uk

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Burlesque Map London, issue 4


created by PictureRama Publishing

PictureRama Publishing has launched edition 4 of Burlesque Map London, the leading map of the burlesque and cabaret scene.

With YOU in mind, Burlesque Map London have compiled a pocket size, easy to use guide to the world of burlesque, cabaret and vintage. This one-of-a-kind publication features a street map of London and over 200 listings of the most relevant and valuable places, all checked for you.

It comprises shops, hotels, cafés, restaurants, vintage and retro fashion, hair and beauty, accessories, associations, tuition, together with burlesque shows and cabaret acts.

For the avid globetrotter or the occasional tourist, Burlesque Map London takes you on a tour of European cities with a unique list of must-see festivals. As burlesque tourism is on the increase, you can now harmonise holiday and show abroad.

Burlesque Map London is also a valued source of relevant information for producers, performers, promoters, publishers and others, creating a most comprehensive directory for key people, and key groups within the burlesque milieu.

So, don't encumber yourself with pages and pages of information, or days of internet research to find your burlesque necessaries. This ultimate accessory will guide you towards your most desired essentials or interests.

The Map is reviewed yearly, ensuring that new information is included regularly, giving the readers a continuous updated view of the burlesque and cabaret world.

Copies of Burlesque Map London can be purchased for just £4 (free postage) in the on-line shop at: www.burlesquemap.co.uk

This unique publication is also available across 100s of tightly controlled distribution points including carefully selected shops, cabarets, bars, clubs and hotels across London and other national and worldwide outlets.

PictureRama Publishing

PictureRama has been providing photography and journalism to worldwide publishers and the alternative press for 20 years. Numerous exhibitions, magazines and on-line publications have featured PictureRama photography.

More information about PictureRama Publishing and photography can be found on: www.PictureRama.co.uk

Eva Lamour

Saturday 12 September 2015

The Big Burlesque Event - September 2015 - PRESS RELEASE


JUNE 2015

The Big Burlesque Event is taking place this September 2015 at the Bethnal Green Working Man’s club which has been instrumental at putting burlesque right at the heart of the underground London night scene.
From the 24th to the 26th September the biggest stars from the burlesque industry will be coming together for an event so epic that it will continue to take place every year in London with a second event held each year near Liverpool; welcome The Burlesque Convention.
With only three hundred exclusive tickets available the purchasers of tickets so far are those who are responsible for the creative and dynamic industry that is burlesque and neo-cabaret. Producers, photographers, performers, musicians, singers, costumiers, corsetieres, pin up models and hardcore burlesque fans will be meeting for networking opportunities and discussions on the future of burlesque and its evolvement from here on in.
The event has taken its inspiration from a network of burlesquers who have gathered on social media to share knowledge from within the industry. Diva Hollywood, established and world renowned performer, set up the group in the hope that by sharing knowledge a community would be born.
And born it has been. The burlesque industry has never felt like such a warm and supportive environment thanks to The Burlesque Brother and Sister Project, a place to find your very own big burlesque brother or sister; a mentor if you will.
And we are rich in mentors at The Big Burlesque Event; mentoring, supporting and networking is the aim of the event.
There are many workshops taking place which are designed specifically to expand creativity and develop the new performer as well as develop established performers into new areas of burlesque performance.
Workshops include Bump and Grind en masse, Costuming, Face and the art of Lip Sync and Poise, Posture and Pose amongst many others.
Seminars are an important part of The Big Burlesque Event and with the future of burlesque careers and an anarchic industry within the palm of our hands where better to develop ideas than all together as one strong dynamic, creative source of burlesque knowledge.
Seminars include ‘The History of Burlesque’ ‘Gypsy Rose Lee’ ‘Embellishment and the art of costuming’ ‘What promoters really want’ and ‘An Epic talk with Jo King’.
As well as workshops and seminars The Big Burlesque Event is holding a Newcomers showcase with the UK’s first Non-competitive event. Emphasis is not on asking new performers to stand against each other to win titles but instead stand together and receive feedback from four  UK burlesque experts; Reuben Kaye,  Jo King, Sapphire Rox and Kiki De Ville all hosted by the  vivacious and enigmatic songstress that is Lili La Scala. The evening will finish with showcases of musicians and bands from the burlesque industry.
Friday night sees us get together in one big burlesque social. An expert show with the likes of Reuben Kaye hosting  and performances from names such as Lolo Brow, Khandie Khisses, Diva Hollywood, Dave the Bear, Phil Ingud, Vivacity Bliss, Lily SnatchDragon, Peggy De Lune and Katrina Darling plus more guests to be confirmed.
Other activities include The Big Burlesque Sing along hosted by Em Brulee (Think ‘Cabaret’ and  Jessica Rabbit) and a burlesque fashion show produced by burlesque costumiers Talulah Blue and Daisy Cutter.
The producers responsible for The Big Burlesque Event are Agent Burlieque; established burlesque production company who have worked with hundreds of performers from the Folly Mixtures to Marnie Scarlet and everything in between.
Acknowledging that the burlesque industry only works with the provision of jobs and jobs are only available if they are created, Agent Burlieque’s mission is to pay well and create jobs; all within the burlesque industry.
The expansion of the burlesque industry is in the hands of those who know the burlesque scene inside out and if you have something to share and something to learn then there is no better place than The Big Burlesque Event.
We hope to see you there.
Tickets can be purchased at www.burlesqueevent.com and early bird tickets are currently on sale at half price.
There are newcomer slots available on Thursday 24th September.  For your chance to be part of the newcomers showcase and to receive valuable feedback from some industry experts please send your details and photos to BBW@agentburlieque.co.uk .
For sponsorship and stall options please email BBW@agentburlieque.co.uk
The Big Burlesque Event stars:
Reuben Kaye         Lili La Scala    Vivacity Bliss
Lolo Brow   Em Brulee     Phil Ingud
Kiki Lovechild   Khandie Khisses
Lou Safire   Diva Hollywood   Daisy Cutter
Jo King        Ruby Jones
Peggy De Lune       Lili SnatchDragon
Talulah Blue      Dave The Bear
Neil Kendall     Miss Cairo
Kiki De ville    Katrina Darling
And many many more...

WRITTEN BY THE BIG BURLESQUE EVENT - Shared by Burlesque Map London

Thursday 30 July 2015

The Boom and Bang Club - Clapham Grand 25th July 2015

The evening was already getting going as I wandered along Lavender Hill, Battersea, London. Having already assisted a cyclist, following an unfortunate accident and dispatched him to hospital, I felt just about ready for anything...!

Arriving at The Clapham Grand, an awesome and imposing venue, former Victorian music hall, I was confronted by a large rowdy crowd of 'young ladies' sporting sashes and fluffy, flashing bunny ears! Was I in the right place? Had I stumbled upon a hen party convention?

Taking a vantage point in a bar opposite, I observed and recomposed myself. As it turned out, in the hour leading up to the 10pm start of Boom & Bang Club there was an opportunity for hen prospects to mingle with, and have pictures taken with near naked, oiled and muscled male dancers... It was clearly very popular...!

For the first time ever I was asked for ID, and once that indignity was done, I was in! The full spectacle confronted me, light shows from floor to ceiling and an ocean of gyrating bodies on and off stage...!

This is a new night for Boom & Bang at The Clapham Grand, and it is full-on visual light show meets circus clowns, dancers and big club sounds. Boom & Bang have been around for a while with revered late night shows at The Hippodrome Casino, but this circus/club fusion at Clapham Grand is a new concept.

Behind Boom & Bang is Bioux Hayes, who was DJing and the music made the evening: Retro to 80s club tunes - just my genre! More world famous DJs are lined up for future events.

The Grand lent itself well with its 2 rows of 3 grand boxes providing vantage spots for gyrating clowns... Dot Cotton (part of The Late Night Shop Cabaret), and the team of clowns, provided the most colourful live entertainment.


If in Clapham on a Saturday night, and a fantasy fusion of audio/visuals, clowning cabaret and retro sounds suit you then Bang & Boom Club should be experienced to be believed...!


words by:

Pierce de Resistance

Photography by Picturerama - James Drury

Thursday 17 July 2014

BOYLEXE, burlesque with a difference, at the Shadow Lounge, Soho, London - 4 July 2014

Soho, one of the most entertaining, intriguing and lively areas in the heart of London. For connoisseurs and newcomers alike, Soho surprises you with new shows, new venues, and new enterprises popping up round every corner.

And so, there we were queuing outside the newly refurbished Shadow Lounge, anticipating a boylesque show with a difference, or so we were told! The glitzy chic and glamorous club was ready to receive an excited crowd. And as always, the burlesque aficionados, who love to model some great outfits of their own, were at the rendez-vous.

If you are searching for burlesque with a difference, Boylexe is just for you. Produced by Howard Wilmot, Boylexe features an all-male cast that dazzles you with some unexpected routines. It is a most colourful show with acts as varied and unique as the performers. Where else can you find a blend of monologues, storytelling and striptease acts, and featuring the most loved burlesque satire acts?

Our host tonight, Meth, queerlesque star and probably the most colourful performer of the night, graces the stage with confidence, charisma and individuality. After reading the 'rules' to the audience, his opening act is a parody of Beyonce's 'If I were a boy'. Miming his way through the song, and staging a very entertaining interpretation of it, he entrances the public with his performance. Spectators beware, as he pulls a male spectator to participate, something that seems to be the order of the night, so be prepared!

Many boylesque fans have had the great pleasure to see Meth's outstanding acts before, under the name of Mr Mistress. If you were lucky enough to attend the 2012 London Burlesque Festival at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, you witnessed Mr Mistress receiving the runner-up award with his amazing performance!

While some of the following acts are more stand-up monologues, the one that has the audience in a roar of cheer and applause is Nick Stiletto. His American soldier's act is a memorable boylesque number on the scene. Nick Stiletto knows how to move! He wows the audience with the perfect use of the American flag and the pasties on his cheeks (and I don't mean his face!) that he twirls with sauciness and aplomb.

I was very excited when I heard that Fred Bear was part of the cast tonight. For those acquainted with the troupe Bearlesque, no need for introduction. Boylesque critically acclaimed male performers, Bearlesque's great talent marries comical to artistic savoir-faire in their unprecedented burlesque acts. Fred Bear's number, taken from 'Flashdance', was performed with wit, class and great liveliness. His confident stage presence is enticing.

Just Brilliant Fred Bear…!

The whole evening is a mixture of pastiche, discourse, and directly engaging the audience with gags such as blindfolding a spectator who laughs his way through hitting (or trying to!) a penis piñata.

But the most memorable act of the night was the closing number from Meth. Her jaw-dropping 'reverse striptease' routine enthralled the spectators whose ovation escalated to a final frenzy of cheers.

A must-see show that will captivate you with its wit, sauciness and unparalleled all-male cast.

The next shows this summer take place on 25 July, 1 August and 29 August. Doors open at 7pm.


BURLESQUE-MAP in the Promotional Code, on their website: www.boylexe.co.uk


Eva Lamour

Friday 18 April 2014

Neo Burlesque Awards at the Empire Casino - Leicester Square - London - 10th April 2014

Have you ever wondered how burlesque performers start their career? Have you attended a burlesque event, and wished to be the one on the stage?

Forget the Big Apple for the land of opportunities; London is where eccentricity meets classical, where anything and everything happens, where your craziest dreams and fantasies can come to life. If London is not the land of opportunities, it is the world's biggest stage for performers to showcase their individuality.

And so, the Neo Burlesque Awards, at the Empire Casino, Leicester Square, opens the doors to newcomers, performing for a small audience, hoping to be voted the best on the night, in order to reach the grand finale in November, at Madame Jojo's.

We revel at the knowledge that up and down the capital city, a multitude of events are taking place, offering the public a view of what can be achieved when someone dreams of the impossible to become possible.

Created by Sharon Kay, the Neo Burlesque Awards is an event where, every second Thursday of the month, a few performers enter the stage to seduce the audience. It is a small affair in the Shadow Bar of the Empire Casino, but because many of the spectators come to support the performers, it is a very friendly atmosphere.

The compère for the night, the Divine MissEm, is no sweet shy hostess. The red-haired fiery femme fatale, will turn from latex lover dominatrix, cracking her whip, to sensual seductress, making your heart race with her powerful beautiful voice.

Tonight, she welcomes eight contestants owning the stage with their personal number, impressing the audience, and hoping to win their place at the final.

Burlesque is synonym of 'anyone can be who they want to be', where all shapes and sizes are equally as attractive, pleasing the array of spectators that burlesque attracts. And it was certainly so tonight, for the audience applauded, with fervour, each performer, as they presented the most varied of acts: from ballet, rock'n'roll, fans and polka dots, to tassel twirling acts.

These newcomers into the burlesque realm gave everything of themselves, and it was obvious that they enjoyed the attention they received, as the applause filled the room. A nerve-racking experience, it could be, but these performers seemed to have glided through with delight and exhilaration.

The contest was judged not only by tonight's three judges, Sharon Kay, Peggy De Lune and May Den-Voyage, but also the audience, who very avidly submitted their favourite name at the end of the show. As with all contests, the waiting is done while socialising; a time to chat to friends and meet new faces. An event that seems to be a bit more personal, but as London is not just about the big stage, what better place to spend a Thursday night, being entertained by friends, or friends of friends?

Why not be a judge yourself, and vote for your favourite act? Shows appear every month until the grand final in November. For a list of all shows, procure yourself the Burlesque Map London, at www.burlesquemap.co.uk, where you will find all listings and all information needed.

Support this fabulous wave of performers, and if not, why not become one yourself!
Schools are listed on the Map, so if you have what it takes, give it a go!!

Eva Lamour



Photography by:   JAMES DRURY

Scarlett Seductrice

Sirena Azure

Betty Rogers

Madeleine Soleil

Coeur de Plume

Silk Seduction

Penny De Fleur

Siren de la Soirée

With Judges: Peggy De Lune and May Den-Voyage