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Following the London première, in December 2012, a review of this film was published in a previous article. Please read the full article on this blog, if you wish.

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A film by Canadian director Jonathan Joffe - starring Armitage Shanks, Koko La Douce, Kiki Kaboom and Roxi Dlite

World War II, Johnny Valentine and Katarina Molotov - lovers and partners in the fight against tyranny and fascism - have devised their best secret weapon, the Burlesque Assassins. Beautiful women who entice key officers in the Nazi regime; they seduce with their charm, ready for the kill. But in the midst of the Cold War, the two lovers embark on different journeys, crossing each other's paths at times, rekindling their affair.

Ten years later, 1956, Johnny is still deep into espionage with a special mission: intercept and take possession of a deadly weapon from the enemy. His latest recruit, Bourbon Sue, a wayward rockabilly, joins his team of seductress spies, Koko La Douce and Bombshell Belle. Their assignment: tempt and kill.

Written and directed by Canadian Jonathan Joffe, The Burlesque Assassins is full of humour, wit, and real burlesque. A story of espionage unlike any others, with charismatic characters who will keep you screaming with laughter from beginning to end.

The Burlesque Assassins is a must see...!
A true success and an absolute gem. All in all, a real winner...!

We hope you enjoy the film...

Happy viewing...!!

Eva Lamour

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Miss Nightingale - The Burlesque Musical - Review - Leicester Square Theatre - July 2013


1942, London is at war with Germany.
George, a Polish, Jew songwriter has fled Berlin for a land that promises to protect him from the Nazi persecution, where his origins, homosexuality and desire for artistic freedom have put him in peril. In London, he unites with Maggie Brown, a nurse from northern England, with a passion for singing and performing, and a craving for fame.

Noticed by Sir Frank Worthington-Blythe, an upper class showbiz promoter, George and Maggie, 'Miss Nightingale', begin their escalade to stardom.

But life is not so simple for them. George is perpetually nostalgic about the city he left behind, and struggles to conceal his homosexuality. Maggie's love life resembles more a casualty of war than a fairy tale, as the man she loves,Tom, is married. And Frank, with a few secrets of his own, is soon faced with a dilemma that has repercussions for all of them.

Miss Nightingale is a love story, in the midst of World World II, that approaches meaningful topics with humour, sexiness and sensibility. Enigmatic until the finale, the play kept me hooked until the end.

The writing is spot on. Using regional idioms and lexicon from the time, Matthew Bugg manages to portray the true likeness of England in the 1940s. His script is filled with humour, sexual innuendos, and the tongue-in-cheek audacity that makes this play so attractive.

'Miss Nightingale' shows off the British spirit, positive in the face of adversity, the 'stiff upper lip', with heart and humour. In the 1940s, a real patriotic spirit embraced a nation faced with a terrifying assailant.
But behind the front line, a different enemy is fought within the social scene of the time.

Matthew Bugg has encapsulated the social aspect of persecution and repression in 1940s London with great skill. But the play couldn't have come together without the accomplished cast of actors, singers and talented musicians, who gave a compelling performance.

Amber Topaz is fabulous. Her spectacular and powerful voice lends itself perfectly to the 1940s tone. Whether interpreting Marlene Dietrich, 'Biggles', or others from her varied repertoire, Amber's omnipotent voice fills every corner of the room.

Actor, singer and dancer, Amber performs a sexy, sassy and perfectly teasing burlesque act. 
But do not expect the burlesque of meaningless and boring feather fans dance and striptease. Amber Topaz, a renowned name in the world of burlesque, provides the audience with quality acts. This is what we call Burlesque…!
She captures the tease and sassiness of the genre together with the parodic humour and wit that true burlesque is.

A most dynamic, talented, charismatic troupe that will enthral you till the end of the play…!

Miss Nightingale is not to be missed…!

To find out more about the tour, which ends at the end of July, visit the website: www.missnightingale.co.uk

Eva Lamour


Amber Topaz
Ilan Goodman
Tomm Coles
Alex Tomkins
Adam Langstaff
Tobias Oliver
Matthew Bugg
Henry Goodman

Photography by Simon Annand

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pretty Things Peepshow UK Tour (read the Review now - published 6/8/13)

Pretty Things Peepshow, a burlesque show from New York, USA, is touring the UK from 19th June. Following a massive success, they are presenting these extraordinary acts all around England, Scotland and Ireland.

A show not to be missed...!

Read what has already been written about them. Visit their websites for details and show dates.

'The Pretty Things Peepshow, the premier touring vaudeville show in the US,  is coming to the UK to perform at the Hotrod Hayride and for a limited engagement of shows around England, Scotland and Ireland. 

This vintage variety show is filled with acts of the beautiful and bizarre. Their show boasts 22 thrilling acts, including sword swallowing, juggling, glass walking, bed of nails, whip cracking, comedy, magic, classic burlesque and more, make up an unforgettable night of heart-pounding glitz and glamour. 

The current cast includes the Impresario of Undress: Go-Go Amy, The Midget of Mischief: Lil Miss Firefly, The Pain Proof Princes: Rachel Renegade and The Dapper Dan of Danger: Mr. Donny V. They have done over 700 shows in 9 different countries . You’ve seen them on Oddities, NY Ink, Celebrity Apprentice and in the pages of Rebel Ink Magazine and now’s your chance to see them live!

In addition to producing the shows and being the burlesque dancer and fire eater on stage go-go Amy will also be teaching pin up hair and makeup workshops in select cities. For more information and to find class dates and location go to the Pretty Things Academy website  

Tour Dates:

July 19  Edinburgh: Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)

July 25 London: Bethnal Green Working Mens Club

July 26-July 28 Hotrod Haryride

August 4 Glasgow: Stereo


Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity this summer and be the first ones to experience the beautiful and bizarre of 'Pretty Things Peepshow'.

Eva Lamour

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Domestic Burlesque by Elsa Quarsell


Have you ever wondered about burlesque performers away from the stage, and behind closed doors?

In her book, 'The Domestic Burlesque', Swedish photographer, Elsa Quarsell, has captured over 100 burlesque performers in the privacy of their own homes.  Artistes pose in one of their special outfits, sharing personal time, and stories. Each photograph is accompanied by a short biography, or a favoured quote.

Elsa is best known for her portrait work and has spent many years exploring various 'groups' of people.

She has travelled the world to meet performers from Australia, USA, England and beyond. The reader is able to glance inside their homes, which exhibit a panoply of retro and vintage ornaments and interesting furniture.

'The Domestic Burlesque' is a book filled with bold colours, nostalgia, curious and enchanting memorabilia and artefacts, and gorgeous burlesque performers.

Elsa has captured the essence of each artiste to produce this beautiful hardback edition. This is a must-have for all lovers of burlesque and those nostalgic about all things retro and vintage.

To buy a copy, visit our website: http://www.burlesquemap.co.uk/buy_burlesque_map.asp, where you will find the link to Elsa's page.

Eva Lamour