Thursday, 30 December 2010

City Burlesque Club show is hijacked by Amy Winehouse - 7/10/10

AMY WINEHOUSE hijacks a Burlesque Show in central London, to the crowd’s great surprise.

Last night an audience was thrown into complete shock, as a burlesque cabaret show was hijacked by the famous singer, Amy Winehouse.

The grand opening of the City Burlesque Club, in Farringdon Road, central London, showcased many celebrated burlesque performers along with a jazz band led by Mitch Winehouse.

The audience, who had been enjoying the music, was bewildered when the stage was taken over by the musician’s eminent daughter, Amy.

The singer had attended the cabaret to support and watch her father perform from his own repertoire. However, it seems that she had been planning her surprise, as she changed into her leopard-print dress before jumping on stage. Renowned for her impromptu behaviour, the spectators watched her take the spotlight next to her father and grab the microphone. Miss Winehouse performed three of her songs before being joined by her dad for a duet.

At ease, as if she had rehearsed the whole show, she sat on one of the musician’s drums whilst singing her latest hits. Before bidding her goodbyes, the singer, thirsty for yet more attention, decided to surprise a man in the audience and sat on his lap, as he smiled nervously.

The City Burlesque Club, formerly known as Venus, is a table and lap-dancing club that opened its doors last night with a new name. The venue had advertised a burlesque cabaret show and attracted a connoisseur crowd who felt disillusioned with the result. The spectators had anticipated a showcase of burlesque performers but instead watched a pop star and a hip pop dance group, which left them all perplexed. The club remains opened as a pole-dancing nightclub.

James who had attended to see the inauguration of the burlesque show on behalf of Burlesque Map London, was ready with his camera and captured the unexpected moment, together with the rest of the show.

Eva Lamour

Saturday, 30 October 2010


October, the start of Autumn and one more step towards early dark evenings. It's not my favourite time of year but today, the 1st October I have something to look forward to: The Twisted Cabaret at Bush Hall. A cabaret produced by Chaz Royal and promising to be 'Burlesque with a difference'.

So, James and I, as part of the Burlesque Map London mission, were both looking forward to this unusual cabaret. I didn't know what to expect because this was my first time at Bush Hall. Small venue compared to some others I have been to, but a really good feeling to the place. Of course, being famous for its association with the media (tv and radio), I was curious and excited about being there.

The compère, Frank Sanazi, was controversial and certainly suited this twisted show and all twisted minds present! Although the venue didn't hold a massive crowd, it was very well attended and, as always, the audience participated with great enthusiasm.

A brilliant line up for a freak show. I mean it was like going to the circus with a showcase of weird, unusual acts. The Baron performed a very entertaining 'nipple muscle', and other weight lifting acts with a difference. Who can lift weights of 5 kilos with their eyelids? An act worth watching!

Beeby Rose and her masquerade shimmy, swaying with grace with feathered Venetian masks, what a visual delight!

Joe Black, dark comic clown, and many other acts were all worth, ooohhh so worth watching...!!

A colourful and original show full of eccentricity, with a wonderful line up. A great night of awesome perverted Burlesque...!

But why take my word for it? Go and see all of Chaz's events, in London and all around the world... A troupe in many cities...!!!

Eva Lamour

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Jo King: The Queen of Burlesque - and the best workshop for striptease, the theatrical way...

This is the moment you are waiting for: you see the legend first, she entertains you on stage in her very sensual way, and then one day, you are there, face to face with the Queen of Burlesque... Wow....!!

I believe that you have to experience as many new adventures as possible in your lifetime, so when I was presented with the opportunity to attend Jo King's workshop, I was very excited!

We were all meeting in the foyer and as I walked in I had to smile: there was nothing ordinary about Jo King, even if you hadn't met her before, there was no mistake! She was sitting, with a folder on her lap, just oozing glamour and femininity!

As we entered the dancing studio, the atmosphere went from tepid and shy to a warm, friendly and fun ambience within minutes. Jo King, the most professional teacher, who knows every trick, every movement, every wink and tease, knows exactly how to make us feel at ease.

Some of you might have experienced the type of workshop where you attend, are shown the moves, you repeat them, do a bit of choreography, and that's the end of the session. You go home feeling that you have learnt some good moves and hopefully you will use them again, but, the whole experience is somehow a bit clinical.

With Jo King, her warm, friendly touch makes you feel like you have known her forever and her personal approach brings the whole group together. It might be a bit cliche to talk about camaraderie and bonding, but that is exactly what you get there. The fun is contagious and regardless of shape or size, every single one of us in that studio felt gorgeous, sexy and excited at the thought of going home to tease our partner.

A true professional, Jo King gives nothing but constructive feedback, nothing false or disguised, just true support. Each one of us was encouraged to express the moves with our own personal touch.

And there we were baring all, ready for Fancy Chance, the expert in twirling the tassels with tease. Fancy Chance had us twirling those tassels in more ways than you can imagine... and the giggling went on and on, but wow did we learn how to twirl them? Yes, we certainly did...!

So, there you go, if you want to tease your man with the most exceptional Burlesque striptease, go spend a day with the Queen of Burlesque... she has it all...! If you don't believe me, just go and see for yourself...! 
Get the BURLESQUE MAP LONDON for the information.

Eva Lamour

Friday, 8 January 2010

Find all your Burlesque needs in Burlesque Map London

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Burlesque Map London is also a valued source of essential information for producers, performers, promoters, publishers, journalists and others, searching for each other, thus creating a most comprehensive guide for key people, and key groups, within the burlesque milieu.

So don't wait any longer, come and visit us and buy your copy now and find all those places you wanted to know about in one very pocket size guide...

Eva Lamour

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Neo Burlesque Phenomenon in London

Burlesque, literally translated as ' a pastiche', has its origins in the 19th century music hall and vaudeville entertainment, encompassing parodic humour and wit, with a mixture of satire and performance art, and featuring a striptease act. It first appeared in Europe in the early Victorian Era, a time of cultural feud between aristocracy and the working class. This clash gave birth to shows that turned social norms 'in an upside down style' or 'head over heels' - mocking established entertainment. Burlesque has evolved since then, but has kept some essential traits, such as the striptease element and the bawdy humour, satire and parody.

In the mid 1990s, the art of Burlesque saw an eminent revival in the United States, emerging in the mainstream entertainment scenes. In the past five years, the New Burlesque, or Neo Burlesque, phenomenon has swayed its way back across the Atlantic to land in London, taking the capital and whole country by storm.

A prominent part of London's new entertainment showcase with great success, Burlesque is one of the most popular social scenes in our capital. This is not surprising, as London epitomises eccentricity, playful adventure, and avant-garde creativity: a magnet for those wishing to exhibit their talent or witness a unique spectacle.

Eva Lamour