Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Twisted Crown at the London World Burlesque Games 2012 - at Madame Jojo's - 9th May

Chaz Royal's Twisted Crown delivered one of the freakiest shows in burlesque cabaret at Madame Jojo's.
Showcasing a cast of performers with a touch of the twisted mind, we all expected the best of bizarre.

Freaky from the start, the theatrically strange character, Benjamin Louche, with his big eerie eyes, creepy disposition and his mysterious air owns the stage, winning the audience over. A brilliant host for the Twisted cabaret, Benjamin Louche matches his lexicon to his character: unusual, daring and creative...! The perfect compère for the weird and freaky. Not only he engages the crowd, he provokes, pushes boundaries and keeps the humour till the end...!

Benjamin Louche

The Twisted Cabaret is where burlesque meets fetish, complete with BDSM and a touch of ghastly. After all, where on earth would you find two Canadian entertainers playing the masochist game? The Monsters of Schlock are raving bonkers using the most vile props: mousetrap, electric bat, an animal trap, and a sledgehammer with a concrete breeze-block. Twisted performers? Yes, but even more twisted crowd...! Plenty of 'Ooohhs' and 'Aaaahs' but let's face it, these perverted minds love it..! A bunch of sadists who thoroughly enjoyed this unusual side of burlesque...! And judging by this packed room and the spectators' reactions, it is obvious that Chaz Royal has a good insight as to what his public wants...!!

The Monsters of Schlock

Thankfully, we get a respite from the masochism; not all acts have you on the edge of your seat...!

Bettina Spakenhaus performs her Phantom of the Opera act, with her 'companion' attached to her, demonstrating great coordination skills. The flirting, the kissing, the dancing, it is a mixture of bizarre and beautiful, all the way to the sensual finish. An act worth a place in the Twisted cabaret.

Bettina Spakenhaus

Aliens and Gremlins probably applied for tonight's show, and so very kindly, weird but wonderfully talented V J Spankie obliged, parading with a gremlin on her backside. A brilliant entertainer and one I always enjoy watching, her very personal touch, and creativity, brings originality to any act; worthy to be applauded. A parody of David Bowie in Labyrinth, and playing with 'her big cock', her show has plenty of wit, dare and fun. What a performance!

V J Spankie

From Gremlin to Harlequin, Zora Vipera, a Swiss performer, wows us with her attire and her wonderful fire breathing act.
Part of the enjoyment of burlesque is undoubtedly the costumes, the grand and unusual way performers own the stage with beautiful outfits. While we all enjoyed the weird and freaky, I can't help admiring Zora's theatrical piece, with all the glamour and a zest of the unusual and sensual...!

Zora Vipera

Competing for the Twisted Crown, tonight's performers are all worthy of the winning place, as Chaz has gathered first rate entertainers who do freaky burlesque the grand way, bringing us beautiful, bizarre and weird.

But the Twisted show could not exist without the freakiest character of all...! We have seen him perform before and whether we get his humour or not, Big Chief Random Chaos is certainly chaotic, loud, bonkers and daring all the way...! Dragging a man from the audience, whom he chooses to call 'Jeff', Big Chief takes on the mission to traumatise the poor soul who is subjected to tribal lap dance, followed by a striptease... The audience, who falls over in stitches, cheers for more... He gets spanked by Jeff, sets his mohican on fire and performs his big finale right in the midst of the crowd... An entertainer who has us on the edge of our seat, never knowing what is coming next...! No wonder he took the crown tonight...! Freaky? Absolutely... but showbusiness, all the way...! In my view, they were all winners tonight, because it takes the most creative performers to offer us such a sublime array of wonder.... Bravo to you all...!!

Eva Lamour

Winner: Big Chief Random Chaos

1st Runner Up: The Monsters of Schlock

2nd Runner Up: V J Spankie

Big Chief Random Chaos

Other Performers:

Kitty Ribbons
Bambam Blue
Bettina Spankenhaus
Lottie Kixx
Zora Vipera


The whole troupe

Bambam Blue

Lottie Kixx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Triple Crown at the London World Burlesque Games 2012 - The Floridita

The much anticipated World Burlesque Games 2012 finally opened its doors at the Floridita, in the heart of Soho, on the 8th May, with the Triple Crown show.

Chaz Royal chose a fantastic venue for this show, ensuring all odds were on his side. The Floridita oozes glamour, with a grandiose decor, perfect for a burlesque cabaret.

Celebrating its 6th birthday, the London Burlesque Festival still tops the A-list of burlesque cabarets in London, judging by the crowd present. Personally, I was awaiting these acts with great expectations.

Chaz Royal and 'Secret In Lace'

Chaz and Betty D'Light

Greeted by some gorgeous performers modelling the Secret In Lace lingerie line, we all took time to enjoy the prelude. Chatting, drinking, posing for the amalgam of cameras present, it was a pleasure for all. My time to ask questions and find out about various acts and future development in the burlesque milieu; all important information for the Burlesque Map London.

Betty D'Light

This year, Chaz organised the festival with the help of Betty D' Light, a talented performer with a smile that would refresh and vivify the most miserable soul...! A perfect ambassador for the Burlesque Games...!

After much precious time dining and socialising, the audience was still buzzing, anticipating and expecting the best of burlesque tonight. The judging panel ready now to enjoy and observe, and the papparazi out in force, all eyes on the stage.

Miss Behave, compère extraordinaire, witty, saucy and theatrical, she is a natural at engaging the crowd. Confident and vibrant in her demeanor, she owns the stage with brilliance. An accomplished performer, Miss Behave never tires to impress us. A good compère makes all the difference; we can enjoy the journey to each act as a full part of the show.

Miss Behave

The Games opened with a most impressive Anna the Hulagan. Her hula hoop act, her agility and her originality wowed the crowd who couldn't stop cheering and raving. As she sets fire to the hoop, her body sensually teases the fire while performing a striptease revealing her acrobatic body. A first class act worthy of the applause and the acclamation it attracts.
Excellent brilliance from a saucy, salacious 'hulagan'...!

An act difficult to follow, or so you might think.

Kiki Lovechild brings a different kind of burlesque to the stage accompanied by his hand puppets. A wonderfully entertaining performance, Kiki, and his ostrich puppet, sends the crowd into a wave of laughter and finishes with an 'encore' - a true performer and entertainer, with his parody of tease and strip, he is worthy of a first place...!

Two acts so far, and the night promises to be filled with first-class acts, so I am not sure how on earth the panel is going to choose a winner if all performances follow this high standard we have witnessed so far...!

Anna the Hulagan

Kiki Lovechild

Showcasing performers from the UK, Australia and the USA, the night provides us with a mixture of parody, satire and wit presented in an entertaining, funny and daring manner. The many faces of burlesque attract and enthral a varied public, all expecting to be amused by a lot more than just a variety show. Unquestionably, the tease and the strip are all part of it, together with acrobatics, fire breathing, story telling; a true burlesque performer is more than just a dancer or a tease, it is a skilled 'showman'.

While most acts are undoubtedly burlesque, Tango Manga leaves us wondering what the connection with burlesque is, as their routine is merely a lap dancing number for a man who has very little significance in this performance except looking completely lost. Pleasing to some eyes, no doubt, but burlesque? Not really...!

Great costumes are as much part of the act as the performance itself. Tonight we have been delighted with some great attires.
Lexi Sexx with half her face covered in a mask, her eccentric act consisting in some masochism, burning her tongue and a nail and hammer...! Finishing with wax poured over her body...! Madness, eccentricity with a touch of exoticism.

Of course, there is no doubt that the striptease and tassel twirling are a complete part of many acts, and the audience would be highly disappointed if they were not teased to the full. Bunny Pistol brings a tassel twirling act of her own...! Her bottom cheeks provide the entertainment as much as the rest! Turning from back to front, showing us how she controls her assets...! A great cheer from the crowd who enjoys a good twirl with a difference.

A magnificent crowd for a brilliant show, but sadly not all can be winners.

Anna the Hulagan took first place whilst Kiki Lovechild came second. Although it felt, by the applause they attracted, both acts were worthy of first place. An opinion I easily share; both wonderfully entertaining in their own special and different way.

Anna the Hulagan - crowned winner of the Triple Crown Games

A splendid night at a perfect venue with glamour all around. A night to remember...!
Bring on the next one, Mr Chaz Royal...!

Eva Lamour


Clara Cupcakes

Lexi Sexx

Missy Fatale

Bunny Pistol

Betty D'Light and Duke de Milo

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Naughty Sorts for Duchess Divine at The Vandella

Talented burlesque performer, Duchess Divine, launched a new burlesque venture on the 6th May at The Vandella, in Shepperd's Bush, with her Naughty Sorts show.

The Vandella hosted, for the first time, a burlesque cabaret showcasing an entertaining cast of performers. A splendid venue with its black and white theme and a most interesting decor that gives a sophisticated ambiance to the evening. Despite an amateurish feel at first sight: a small stage with an improvised step, and a small crowd, giving the impression of a small affair, the audience responded perfectly to the compère, Ross Hughes, singer and comedian, who lead the night with a great sense of humour.

Ross Hughes

Duchess Divine opened the show with a sensual ostrich fan dance teasing the crowd right to the final tassel twirling she performed in her infamous style, headlining a most entertaining night.

Duchess Divine

An all time favourite performer, V J Spankie is not only a talented burlesque show-woman, she is a talented musician who wowed the crowd with her 'Amadeus' act, taking us from 18th century period costume to punk attire, whilst playing the violin magnificently. Her acts, a mixture of naughtiness, fun and audacity display a true entertainer.

V J Spankie

From naughty to bawdy, Dave the Bear, introduced as the body of burlesque, brought us two acts full of boylesque flavour. A parody of the Pussycat Dolls with his unique style, and his humorous sensual way, filled the house with laughter and much applause.

Dave the Bear

Says Duchess Divine: "I do like to organise events. I am very busy in my private life at the moment, but I really enjoy doing this". Despite her reservations on the date of this show, it is always encouraging when spectacles emerge away from the habitual Soho and West End.

The evening was entertaining, as Duchess Divine succeeded in gathering many acts showcasing true satire and pastiche with brilliant tease and strip. Acts by Roxi Kixx and her 'lollipop' song, Good Golly Miss Holly, a newcomer, with her marigold and feather duster and Rubyyy Jones performing her Skype act, were lively, captivating, while teasing and stripping in their unique enchanting manner.

An intimate affair it might have been, but the ambiance was joyous, and the crowd cheered beautifully. A venue worth visiting and a show worth watching.

Good Golly Miss Holly

Electra - a most talented acrobat

Eva enjoying the show

For more information on the upcoming events visit: www.thevandella.com
and Duchess Divine's facebook page to catch up with all her projects.

Eva Lamour