Thursday 17 May 2012

Naughty Sorts for Duchess Divine at The Vandella

Talented burlesque performer, Duchess Divine, launched a new burlesque venture on the 6th May at The Vandella, in Shepperd's Bush, with her Naughty Sorts show.

The Vandella hosted, for the first time, a burlesque cabaret showcasing an entertaining cast of performers. A splendid venue with its black and white theme and a most interesting decor that gives a sophisticated ambiance to the evening. Despite an amateurish feel at first sight: a small stage with an improvised step, and a small crowd, giving the impression of a small affair, the audience responded perfectly to the compère, Ross Hughes, singer and comedian, who lead the night with a great sense of humour.

Ross Hughes

Duchess Divine opened the show with a sensual ostrich fan dance teasing the crowd right to the final tassel twirling she performed in her infamous style, headlining a most entertaining night.

Duchess Divine

An all time favourite performer, V J Spankie is not only a talented burlesque show-woman, she is a talented musician who wowed the crowd with her 'Amadeus' act, taking us from 18th century period costume to punk attire, whilst playing the violin magnificently. Her acts, a mixture of naughtiness, fun and audacity display a true entertainer.

V J Spankie

From naughty to bawdy, Dave the Bear, introduced as the body of burlesque, brought us two acts full of boylesque flavour. A parody of the Pussycat Dolls with his unique style, and his humorous sensual way, filled the house with laughter and much applause.

Dave the Bear

Says Duchess Divine: "I do like to organise events. I am very busy in my private life at the moment, but I really enjoy doing this". Despite her reservations on the date of this show, it is always encouraging when spectacles emerge away from the habitual Soho and West End.

The evening was entertaining, as Duchess Divine succeeded in gathering many acts showcasing true satire and pastiche with brilliant tease and strip. Acts by Roxi Kixx and her 'lollipop' song, Good Golly Miss Holly, a newcomer, with her marigold and feather duster and Rubyyy Jones performing her Skype act, were lively, captivating, while teasing and stripping in their unique enchanting manner.

An intimate affair it might have been, but the ambiance was joyous, and the crowd cheered beautifully. A venue worth visiting and a show worth watching.

Good Golly Miss Holly

Electra - a most talented acrobat

Eva enjoying the show

For more information on the upcoming events visit: www.thevandella.com
and Duchess Divine's facebook page to catch up with all her projects.

Eva Lamour

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