Monday 30 May 2011

Lady Beau Peep and the League of the Extraordinary - cabaret in London

Leaving the buzz and atmospheric night life of Brick Lane, we entered the Brickhouse, an old red-brick building, wondering what it had to offer. Set on three floors, with the lounge bar at the top and a balcony on the second and third floor, this restaurant  cocktail bar hosts a number of shows throughout the week. Tonight we had the great thrill to anticipate Lady Beau Peep and the League of the Extraordinary, a burlesque cabaret showcasing established and new performers.

The venue is an intimate affair with a few tables on the ground and first floor, an ideal setting to enjoy a cozy meal whilst devouring a most wonderful show with the eyes.
The hostess and compère, Lady Beau Peep, opened the show like a true burlesque legend. Taking to the stage with her magnificent voice, her presence is full of seduction and sensuous authority.
Introducing each act with a song, Lady Beau turns hosting into a complete part of the show, proving her real qualities as a 'showman'.

Kiki Lovechild and his assistante Jessica Peru began with a 'furlesque' act. This ventriloquist with a vaudeville edge, dominated by a fury creature, gets stripped off his clothes, or nearly... Burlesque with a difference, bringing some parodic humour to the show.

To my great delight, Vivid Angel appeared on stage, to the tune of 'Big Spender' and covered in balloons. A great entertainer, who not only performed a sensual striptease but amused us with a very grateful spectator she picked from the crowd and whom she pinned onto a chair. The smile on his face said it all, when he had to lick whipped cream off Miss Angel's legs...!

Entering the stage with a vacuum cleaner and giving homage to Freddy Mercury, Marcos the Marvellous surprised the crowd as he performed 'I want to break free' to absolute perfection. A look-alike who attracted much ovation from the whole audience... After performing a most entertaining transformation, Marcos the Marvellous brought the whole crowd into awe with his acrobatic performance, swinging and balancing as a perfectly accomplished trapezist. 

And if the night didn't get you hot enough under the collar, Flame Haired Fire Cracker had all the equipment to hand to bring a flaming hot electrifying moment. A remarkable display of skills and saucy moves.

Lady Beau Peep and The League of the Extraordinary shows true vaudeville entertainment, burlesque at its best with a mixture of pastiche, mockery and tantalising striptease. All in all, real show business, with the acts threaded together by a most talented voice and  show girl that is Lady Beau Peep... Bravo!!!

Eva Lamour

Lady Beau Peep

Marcos the Marvellous  
Vivid Angel

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