Saturday 1 June 2013

The Big Burlesque Day Out Event at Bush Hall - London Burlesque Festival - 18th May 2013

The London Burlesque Festival is now, officially, the only worldwide burlesque festival to run a ten day event. The full attendance of the shows is a testimony of a loyal following, as well as attracting a multitude of newcomers.

In their mission to be unique, the LBF introduced a Day Event, opening its doors, free of charge, to an array of burlesque devotees, and novices.

The Day event offered a great opportunity to experience a shopping trip, accompanied by a fashion show, performances, not to forget the dance troupe 'Swing Patrol' who gave a fabulous demonstration of Charleston and Lindy Hop. All in all, a magnificent success with the public, and exhibitors too.

The fashion show, modelled by burlesque performers like Banbury Cross, Eliza Delite and others, received the most ovation of the day. Abounding perfection and glamour, the models injected a touch of sexiness to the 'Bush Hall catwalk'…!

Hosted by the beautiful and talented Betty D'Light, whose debut as a host proved to be a triumph with the public, the shows received a fabulous reaction from all attendees. Many visitors had never been to a burlesque event, making this occasion a special one, and the atmosphere in the hall spoke for itself.
The hundred of visitors who stepped through the doors clearly enjoyed the full experience that this open day presented. From corsets, to costumer designers, fascinators, pasties and tassels, and photographers, the exhibitors seemed to have been chosen for the variety they brought in.

In addition to the already packed day, Jim Rose, the famous American performer and PR, who flew from the USA to host some of the shows during the festival, held a seminar on PR and marketing strategies. It was an incredibly fascinating and informative affair, as he revealed many inside tips and advice.

Burlesque shows appear in every corner of the capital nowadays. You could attend one practically every night if you wished. Whether it is a burlesque show featuring the same performers for a few weeks or months, or a venue showcasing their favourite performers, there is no excuse for not attending a show.

However, a yearly event such as the LBF is a time to gather performers and spectators from all over the world, who come together to share a week of burlesque adventure.
It is clear from the comments, that the public enjoyed the open day too. A refreshing idea meant to introduce newcomers to the world of burlesque without having to worry about the financial impact, and to extend the burlesque venture to the fans.

Watch out the dates for next year, as the positive comments and the impressive attendance are indicators that the organisers will bring this event back next year.

For more information, visit their website: www.londonburlesquefest.com

Eva Lamour

Photos by James Drury


Veronique Divine

The Burlesque Models at Bush Hall

Swing Patrol

Equador Zaha

Betty D'Light

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