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The Big Burlesque Event - September 2015 - PRESS RELEASE


JUNE 2015

The Big Burlesque Event is taking place this September 2015 at the Bethnal Green Working Man’s club which has been instrumental at putting burlesque right at the heart of the underground London night scene.
From the 24th to the 26th September the biggest stars from the burlesque industry will be coming together for an event so epic that it will continue to take place every year in London with a second event held each year near Liverpool; welcome The Burlesque Convention.
With only three hundred exclusive tickets available the purchasers of tickets so far are those who are responsible for the creative and dynamic industry that is burlesque and neo-cabaret. Producers, photographers, performers, musicians, singers, costumiers, corsetieres, pin up models and hardcore burlesque fans will be meeting for networking opportunities and discussions on the future of burlesque and its evolvement from here on in.
The event has taken its inspiration from a network of burlesquers who have gathered on social media to share knowledge from within the industry. Diva Hollywood, established and world renowned performer, set up the group in the hope that by sharing knowledge a community would be born.
And born it has been. The burlesque industry has never felt like such a warm and supportive environment thanks to The Burlesque Brother and Sister Project, a place to find your very own big burlesque brother or sister; a mentor if you will.
And we are rich in mentors at The Big Burlesque Event; mentoring, supporting and networking is the aim of the event.
There are many workshops taking place which are designed specifically to expand creativity and develop the new performer as well as develop established performers into new areas of burlesque performance.
Workshops include Bump and Grind en masse, Costuming, Face and the art of Lip Sync and Poise, Posture and Pose amongst many others.
Seminars are an important part of The Big Burlesque Event and with the future of burlesque careers and an anarchic industry within the palm of our hands where better to develop ideas than all together as one strong dynamic, creative source of burlesque knowledge.
Seminars include ‘The History of Burlesque’ ‘Gypsy Rose Lee’ ‘Embellishment and the art of costuming’ ‘What promoters really want’ and ‘An Epic talk with Jo King’.
As well as workshops and seminars The Big Burlesque Event is holding a Newcomers showcase with the UK’s first Non-competitive event. Emphasis is not on asking new performers to stand against each other to win titles but instead stand together and receive feedback from four  UK burlesque experts; Reuben Kaye,  Jo King, Sapphire Rox and Kiki De Ville all hosted by the  vivacious and enigmatic songstress that is Lili La Scala. The evening will finish with showcases of musicians and bands from the burlesque industry.
Friday night sees us get together in one big burlesque social. An expert show with the likes of Reuben Kaye hosting  and performances from names such as Lolo Brow, Khandie Khisses, Diva Hollywood, Dave the Bear, Phil Ingud, Vivacity Bliss, Lily SnatchDragon, Peggy De Lune and Katrina Darling plus more guests to be confirmed.
Other activities include The Big Burlesque Sing along hosted by Em Brulee (Think ‘Cabaret’ and  Jessica Rabbit) and a burlesque fashion show produced by burlesque costumiers Talulah Blue and Daisy Cutter.
The producers responsible for The Big Burlesque Event are Agent Burlieque; established burlesque production company who have worked with hundreds of performers from the Folly Mixtures to Marnie Scarlet and everything in between.
Acknowledging that the burlesque industry only works with the provision of jobs and jobs are only available if they are created, Agent Burlieque’s mission is to pay well and create jobs; all within the burlesque industry.
The expansion of the burlesque industry is in the hands of those who know the burlesque scene inside out and if you have something to share and something to learn then there is no better place than The Big Burlesque Event.
We hope to see you there.
Tickets can be purchased at www.burlesqueevent.com and early bird tickets are currently on sale at half price.
There are newcomer slots available on Thursday 24th September.  For your chance to be part of the newcomers showcase and to receive valuable feedback from some industry experts please send your details and photos to BBW@agentburlieque.co.uk .
For sponsorship and stall options please email BBW@agentburlieque.co.uk
The Big Burlesque Event stars:
Reuben Kaye         Lili La Scala    Vivacity Bliss
Lolo Brow   Em Brulee     Phil Ingud
Kiki Lovechild   Khandie Khisses
Lou Safire   Diva Hollywood   Daisy Cutter
Jo King        Ruby Jones
Peggy De Lune       Lili SnatchDragon
Talulah Blue      Dave The Bear
Neil Kendall     Miss Cairo
Kiki De ville    Katrina Darling
And many many more...

WRITTEN BY THE BIG BURLESQUE EVENT - Shared by Burlesque Map London

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